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As you can see my name is J. Newnham - I'll leave you to guess what the 'J' stands for - infact, tell you what, send in your answers as to what it could be - expletives, insults and derogatory terms are happily accepted. Remember, this is a democracy, so put whatever you want!

The winner however will win a free wikipedia article made by me about anything (not much I know, but you'll thank me someday).

But anyway that's enough about the enigmatic mystery that shrouds my only Christian name (my parents couldn't be bothered with a middle one), I'll explain now how I help out on Wikipedia.

I write mostly about music, especially album releases and musicians though I've got enough brains to write about other things aside that. I am relatively new to this site and I would recommend it to anyone - there is information on virtually everything and it's easy find.

Being the obsessive-audiophile-anorak that I am, I go about all the various articles that refer to music and try to tidy up everything from huge mistakes to the tiniest little flaws (so watch out!!!)