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Edwin Sandys may refer to:

Family tree of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York
William Sandys
Edwin Sandys
Archbishop of York
Miles Sandys MP
(c. 1520–1601)
Baronet, 1611
Sir Samuel Sandys MP
Sir Edwin Sandys MP
also James, William,
Margaret (Aucher),
Thomas, Henry
Sir Miles Sandys Bt MP
Anne Sandys
(1570–c. 1629)
m. Sir William Barne
George Sandys
Sir Edwin Sandys MP
(c. 1564–1608)
m. Elizabeth, dau. of
William, 3rd Baron Sandys
Sir William Sandys
Sir Edwin Sandys MP
Henry Sandys MP
(c. 1607–1640)
Edwin Sandys
(d. 1642)
killed in Civil War
Sir Miles Sandys Bt
(d. 1654)
Anne Barne
m(1) Sir William Lovelace
m(2) Jonathan Browne
Henry Sandys,
5th Baron Sandys

(d. 1644)
killed in Civil War
m. Jane, dau. of
Sir William Sandys
Sir Miles Sandys MP
(c. 1601–1636)
William Sandys MP
(c. 1607–1669)
Sir Samuel Sandys MP
Sir Richard Sandys
(d. 1669)
Richard Lovelace
Francis Lovelace
(c. 1621–1675)
Govr. of New York
William, 6th Baron
Henry, 7th Baron
Edwin, 8th Baron
Baronet, 1684
Samuel Sandys MP
(c. 1637–1701)
Sir Richard Sandys Bt
James Madison
U.S. President
Edwin Sandys MP
Baron Sandys, 1743
Samuel Sandys,
1st Baron Sandys

Chancellor of the Exchequer
Edwin Sandys,
2nd Baron Sandys

Martin Sandys
Baron Sandys, 1802
Mary Sandys,
1st Baroness Sandys

m. Arthur Hill, 2nd
Marquess of Downshire
Marquesses of Downshire
Barons Sandys

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