Yablonoi Mountains

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Yablonoi Mountains
Яблоновый хребет / Яабланай шэлэ нуруу
Altay-Sayan map en.png
Topographical map of Russia with the Yablonoi Mountains on the right side.
Highest point
PeakKontalaksky Golets
Elevation2,519 m (8,264 ft)
Coordinates53°54′47″N 115°41′35″E / 53.91306°N 115.69306°E / 53.91306; 115.69306 (Yablonoi Mountains HP)
Length650 km (400 mi) NE/SW
Width70 km (43 mi) NW/SE
Yablonoi Mountains is located in Zabaykalsky Krai
Yablonoi Mountains
Location in Transbaikalia, Russia
Federal subjectTransbaikal Krai
Range coordinates52°03′N 113°35′E / 52.050°N 113.583°E / 52.050; 113.583Coordinates: 52°03′N 113°35′E / 52.050°N 113.583°E / 52.050; 113.583
Parent rangeSouth Siberian System
Borders onMongolia
Age of rockPaleozoic and Permian
Type of rockGranites, crystalline slates, and sandstones
Easiest routeFrom Chita

The Yablonoi Mountains or Yablonovy Mountains (Russian: Яблоновый хребет, Buryat: Яабланай шэлэ нуруу, Yaablanai shele nuruu; Mongolian: Яблоны нуруу, Yablony nuruu) are a mountain range, in Transbaikal (mainly in Zabaykalsky Krai), Siberia, Russia. The range is sparsely inhabited with most settlements engaged in mining. The area is especially rich in tin. The city of Chita lies between the Yablonoi Mountains to the west and the Chersky Range to the east.[1]

The Trans-Siberian Railroad passes the mountains at Chita and runs parallel to the range before going through a tunnel to bypass the heights.[2]


The Yablonoi Mountains stretch for about 650 kilometres (400 mi) in a northeast–southwest direction. They rise mostly in the western part of the Zabaikalsky Krai, with a small section in the southeastern part of Buryatia. The width of the range varies between 20 kilometres (12 mi) and 120 kilometres (75 mi). The Vitim Plateau lies to the north and the Borshchovochny Range to the east of the range. The tallest peak is Kontalaksky Golets, a "golets"-type of mountain with a bald peak, at 1,706 metres (5,597 ft) above sea level.[3]

The Vitim River flows at the northwestern edge of the range, together with its tributaries the Konda and the Karenga, which flow northeastwards. To the southwest flow the Khilok and the Ingoda and in the northeast the Olyokma.[4]

Trans-Siberian Railroad.


The slopes of the Yablonoviy Range are covered with larch and occasional fir and silver fir taiga. Pine forests are quite common on the southern slopes of the range. Peaks higher than 1,200 - 1,400 metres are covered with mountain tundra with bare summits (golets) at higher altitudes.

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