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 Currently 17 years of age, my 18th birthday is about 2 months away. Something like that. 

I style myself as a wordsmith. My interests include politics, and philosophy, both in general, as they are giant topics.

I'm going to expand this personal page once I get around to it. 
 So far, I'm concentrating on minor edits; spelling correction, making sentences flow better, word changes. All in all, making the prose look better (I hope). Beauty is in the eye of the. beholder of course, so my edits may or may not disappear. Of course, if I come across any stubs. or missing articles, I will fill in as much as possible. Vandalism is something I hope I can
contribute to curbing. Why muddy such a great concept?

If somebody can help me make the page like something not like crap, or point me in right direction, it would be appreciated.